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  【F r i e n d s    o n l y.】

The journal contains rants, babbles, real life stories and some anime stuff. Comment here to be added back ♥ Info is on the profile.

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awesome image. <3 too bad I'm not a tsubasa fan. lol. did I even get the title right?

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Thank you!~ I'm so glad it doesn't look worst~ it's my first try in using banner of my own creation... ^^

Well, the title for that anime is "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle" (aka "Chronicle of the Wings" for its English and in the anime version), but most of the fans like me, would call it by "Tsubasa". :)

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Hi, I just noticed that you've befriended me. Thanks for the add. How do you know me, may I ask?

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remembering back


Ooh! I forgot to send you a message telling about that add.
^^ My deepest apology. About that. Feel free to remove me if you want - it's my fault, after all

Actually I know you from, where you've the fic titled "Learning the Verity". ^^;;

I must say that I've never reviewed your story... Hehe. Right now I'm leaving the KKM fandom to Junjou Romantica.

... and just rarely come back to check for my fav. stories' updates. I just love your story, (though somehow, I admit, I'm not really an open-minded person. I think that's why I don't review it... just in case if you will be annoyed - since there is already a warning!). And as I found your LJ, I was just kinda interested.

Again, I'm sorry. \:)

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Oh no big deal, I was just curious about how you've known me :)
No need to apologize.
Thanks for reading, and you don't have to review if you don't feel like it.
Well, yes, I noticed that my way of interpreting KKM animes & novels, is quite different so I need to put the warning up to avoid any future unwanted reactions from the readers.

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Uh, well.. Hi (lacks of better things to say ^^). Actually I'm just looking for more Indonesian friends at lj, so I hope you don't mind if I'm adding you :)

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Well, hi too! Nice to meet you there~ ^^

Wow, it's pretty nice to meet another Indonesian on LiveJournal! I don't mind, really, if you add me. *add back*


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okay, that was fast XD